Use Tikiwiki directly from the Desktop, not via Browser interface / Cross-Platform as usual/

This is just a Tiki Desktop extension idea:


  • when designing new tikicore we should take into consideration complete desktop integration with php-gtk or similar later on...

  • reuse php codebase and create smarty hooks for php-gtk... we only need to hack some tiki templates...

  • in about a year or so with gtk2 and php5 support, php-gtk is going to be a good cross-platform interface for nix and windows...


  • Maybe GalaxiaWorkflow benefits most...

Some technical details

  • As far as I see it, php-gtk is best used for local sql connections.
  • So, lets tunnel mysql port through ssh to get local connections anywhere...

The world is so small:

Andrei Zmievski is a man of many talents. Although he is best known for his contributions to the PHP-GTK and Smarty Template Engine projects, his interests range as far afield as history and linguistics. The PHP community is lucky to have kept his attention for this long!

Maybe Luis knows him too?

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