Presentation to Crisol

March 19th 2005
Tiki CMS/Groupware

Marc Laporte (Canada)
Project admin

Martin Sarsale aka Runix (Argentina)

  • Wiki + CMS + Groupware
  • PHP/ADOdb/Smarty/LGPL
  • Installs on Linux, Windows or Mac
  • Started in October 2002 by Luis Argerich (Argentina)
  • Excellent for mixte Web/Intranet environment
  • We eat our own "DogFood" -> this presentation is in Tiki
  • Classic open source project: release early, release often
  • Very open: recruit early, recruit often
  • Very centralized development. Most activity happens on SourceForge CVS, IRC and *.tiki.org
Why Tiki?

Fight back against "Frankensite". Typical:

  • Postnuke CMS + 1-2 modules (ex. Calendar)
  • Gallery for pics
  • phpwiki for wiki
  • phpBB for forums


  • Different look & feel, different User Interfaces (UI)
  • Different logins
  • Many applications to manage
Tiki the chameleon
  • Smarty template engine & CSS for easy configuration of look & feel. Theme control center


The power & simplicity of a wiki
  • WikiPedia
  • Browser-based editing of webpages
  • Wiki syntax for simple formatting without html
  • Multiple editors
  • Version history
Tiki deals with problems from classic wikis
  • Authentication
  • Structures
  • Powerful category system
  • "Cached links"
  • Other features are integrated (forums, articles/blogs, etc)
CMS Features
  • Wiki (full-featured)
  • Articles & blogs
  • Links directory
  • Image gallery
  • File Gallery
  • Banner ads management
  • Forums
  • FAQ
  • Quiz / Surveys / Polls
  • Newsletter
Groupware features
  • Trackers (bugs, tasks, etc)
  • MyTiki (task, notes, bookmarks, files, calendar, etc)
  • Internal message system
  • Calendar for groups
Transversal features
  • Very elaborate permission system: 151 permissions assignable to groups in 1.8 (176 in upcoming 1.9)
  • Global search engine
  • Integrated statistics
  • Category system
  • Wiki syntax (not just in wiki, but also forums, etc)
  • Multilingual menus (multilingual content in 1.9)
  • Authentification LDAP, CAS, Web server, etc
  • Browser-based administration (after installation)
  • All settings are saved in the database.
Features pretty unique to Tiki
  • JgraphPad (browser-based graphic editing)
  • Wap/VoiceXML via the HAWHAW toolkit
  • WorkFlow Galaxia (in collaboration with Horde, Xaraya, Postnuke, Xoops and more.groupware)
  • Live Support
  • Tiki Maps
  • GraphViz & TouchGraph
Awards & Statistics

marclaporte at php.net
freenode #tikiwiki

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