This person has admin privileges on a Tiki-powered Website.

This person can manage the complete Tiki site and can add users and groups and assign privileges. All the management in done via a Web browser.

The TikiAdmin may or may not also be the SysAdmin.

Are you the TikiAdmin?

So you are the TikiAdmin. You are the one that can decide what other users can or can't do and how the application will be used by your users, Tiki allows a lot of flexibility that requires just a little reading.

Tiki can be configured to be a Wiki, a CMS system, a portal, a Weblog, many weblogs, a community site, a combination of the above or whatever your imagination needs. Any configuration can be constructed using the admin screens and the permission system. While it is a very flexible and powerful system, it can be learned in just a few minutes and it will be easy to use.

Please proceed to TikiAdminSettings

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