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I'm thinking that we'll end up with 4 general levels of community users:

1) End/newbie users coming from all of our user bases who just need a lot of things spelled out (we assume they can surf online, but they don't even know yet how to use a text editor.)

2) Editor users, who have mastered text/wiki page editing, file uploading, and can catch on quickly to most graphical interfaces. But code is completely foreign to them. They can admin user features, and help newbie users learn to use basic features, but we still need to keep sytem admin features out of their reach.

3) Tiki Admin users are the IT consultants and for the organizations using TikiWiki. They have some understanding of how the hardware and software interact, and they can edit bits of code when necessary. They work with the programmers to design the customized Tiki installations, and they use TikiWiki's Admin panels. They train, administer to, and support the Editor users.

4) Sys Admins/programmers/developers.

I've been thinking maybe we also need a separate-but-connected site geared to IT/Admin users just under the programmers, whose main focus and efforts revolve around learning to understand TikiWiki's features and capabilities, from an Information Technology perspective. These folks need to meet other sys admins that are also learning and struggling with HOW to APPLY and CUSTOMIZE TikiWiki's features, individually and collectively, for specific types of tasks, goals, and usage. Some general usage types for example would be Education, e-Commerce, Corporate Intranets, Small Business, Communities, etc. This is what I had in mind for one possible use of the domain TikiTalk?.com. This wouldn't be so much "How-To" use features as it would be "What-To", "When-To" and "Where-To". So I''m not sure where that fits into the documentation... what do you think?

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