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Green Life Innovators

"Green Tech the open source way"

Green Life Innovators (GLI for short) is a non profit, non governmental organization registered at the Norwegian Central Coordination Register for Legal Entities, under the organization number 993 163 872. The purpose of GLI is to maintain an online community for the design of environmentally sustainable technology through the principles of social production, using the way communities like the open source movement, Wikipedia etc. work as our role model.

It is also the goal of GLI to raise funds to actually build some of the things designed and share the practical knowledge acquired from the building process with humanity for free. We also intend to test out the building of some of the designs in developing countries using local building traditions, local building materials and local work force.

GLI is not a protest group, like so many other environmental organizations seem to be, but rather a community that seeks to gather people who would like to do something constructive for a better and more sustainable future through green technology. Our goal is first and foremost to inspire and thrill, to be a group that would like to teach other through our example, rather than being a group telling others what they should not do.

Our community web site runs on Tikiwiki, version 2.2.

GLI accepts members from all over the world. As a consequence the pages will be kept in English, with the exception of some of the forums that will be dedicated to discussions in other languages.

Please visit us at www.green-life-innovators.org
When I am not busy running GLI I run my own consulting firm Kristiansen Consulting limited www.kristiansen-consulting.com
Hope to see as many of you as possible at Green Life Innovators

Kind regards
Vidar Kristiansen
Oslo, Norway.

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