After obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering and spending 15 years working with factory automation and information systems, in 2001 Audre Vysniauskas made a major career change and, signing herself just "audre", became a full-time illustrator. At about the same time she became a vociferous advocate of the use of computers in creating art.

Extremely active in the digital community, she's been involved in a variety of projects:

  • founder & manager of the first digital art section in the world's largest science fiction and fantasy convention (Dragon*Con)
  • currently working with Christian Seidler, founder of the Matricism art movement. She is one of his technical liaisons and an instructor at his school, helping artists embrace new technology and techniques
  • founder of:

o Attic-Wear.com - a singular collection of things to excite, delight, and that which inspires imagination — a place full of wearable inspiration!
o Attic-ARTifacts.com — the most unique and amazing collection of artwork on — or off! — the net. Specializing in high quality, archival grade prints from some of the world's most talented visionaries
o The Attic — a peculiar online community
o Attic-World — web hosting services

  • founder and a past Editor-in-Chief of Renderosity Magazine
  • featured in various magazines, articles and interviews, showcasing her art and illustration techniques
  • former course reviewer for Siggraph
  • former administrator at Renderosity.com
  • served as the Wiz-Op for one of the first online art communities, Ron Howard's Art Forum on CompuServe — back before the internet when BBS ruled and connections were $9/hour!

Always pushing the digital envelope, she enjoys tying together varied sources in experimental art, often incorporating fractals, photographs and other unlikely elements in her work. She has created numerous book covers, interior book illustrations and illustrations for advertising.

you can contact audre via email weird(dot)audre(at)weird-art(dot)com. Inquiries for art, please direct to her agent jacki(at)weird-art(dot)com.Image

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