WikiFest during Libre Software Meeting 2011 in Strasbourg


Libre Software Meeting / Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre happen in Strasbourg


Wikifest from july, 9th to july, 14th, especially from 11th to 14th.

Note that LSM actually starts on saturday the 9th of july. The week-end features Open Days for the General Public on a downtown place.

WikiDinner on Saturday

We meet 20:00 on Place Rouge at the stairs in front of the Faculté de Droit.

Please add yourself here if you are interested:

  • Friedel
  • Michitux
  • Twen
  • Kelson
  • Jean-Marc "Jyhem"
  • Torsten
  • Jonny
  • Christophe


As discussed during the Berlin WikiFest in November, there is a stand and a nice place with sofas suitable for discussions for the purpose of a WikiFest !
It will be within Village du Patio from monday july 11th to thursday july, 14th.

This will be a place for all Open Source Wiki fans and developers to get to know each other, discuss Wiki-related high points or issues, show off our software to the public, etc, etc, all in a friendly atmosphere.

We are listed among the associations as "WikiFest".


Bonus stuff

There will even be a presentation by Jean-Marc Libs & Jonny Bradley about Tiki Suite.
As well as other non-Wiki-related open-source presentations, of course.
And a free arts festival in evenings.

Practical issues

The best is to refer to the LSM website http://2011.rmll.info?lang=en for details on the event, information on travel or accomodation. They even organise lodging in university student rooms

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