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Wikipedia is a wiki-based encyclopedia project set up at http://www.wikipedia.org/.

Wikipedia is an offshoot project of NuPedias OpenContent encyclopedia project.

We started work last January, 2001. As of July 2002, we have created about 35,000 encyclopedia articles (articles, not pages). This success demonstrates the robustness of the wiki concept.

You can follow Wikipedia's growth by this special page http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Special:Statistics

The quality of the articles is in some cases http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Brilliant_prose(external link) rather good.

In May 2001, they set up several "international Wikipedias," in various languages:
Catalan (Catalana): http://ca.wikipedia.com/
Chinese: http://zh.wikipedia.com/
Esperanto: http://eo.wikipedia.com/
French (Français): http://fr.wikipedia.com/
German (Deutsch): http://de.wikipedia.com/
Hebrew: http://he.wikipedia.com/
Italian (Italiano): http://it.wikipedia.com/
Japanese (Nihongo): http://ja.wikipedia.com/
Portuguese (Portugues): http://pt.wikipedia.com/
Polish (Polska): http://pl.wikipedia.com/
Russian (Russkiy): http://ru.wikipedia.com/
Spanish (Castellano): http://es.wikipedia.com/
Swedish (Svensk): http://sv.wikipedia.com/

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