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Using logged-in username in SQL Plugin

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Hi all

I'm trying to use a SQL plugin and I need a way to reference the current logged in user within the SELECT statement, like the No value assigned in the statement below:

FROM MyTable
WHERE username = No value assigned

Any advice ?

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I just added this possibility to the CVS .

 Plugin disabled
Plugin sql cannot be executed.

0 for the first ?, 1 for the second ?....
the $var must be global ... so you need to be very careful tu use this plugin
It is not very usable if you make an error.

ps: you can always find the source of the plugin in sourceforge viewcvs : http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/tikiwiki/tiki/lib/ (SF is down now, can't give you the address) and copy the file in the release you are using)