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Need help making MySQL code work (trying to access tracker data)

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Hi all

I've come up with a tracker that contains, among other fields, two dates (from-to for vacations, if you need to knowbiggrin )

Now I'm finding it hard to include the filter in the query, in order to display only currently "active" vacations:

from_date < current_date < to_date

Any takers? Help much appreciated, so far I've spent two evenings on various flavours of FROM_UNIX, UNIX_TIMESTAMP, NOW(), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP etc., to no avail... sad


Here's my code:

nameEmployee.value as name,
datestart.value as ux_start,
dateend.value as ux_end,

tiki_tracker_item_fields AS datestart,
tiki_tracker_item_fields AS dateend,
tiki_tracker_item_fields AS nameEmployee,
tiki_tracker_items as vac_trk

WHERE datestart.fieldId=38 
AND nameEmployee.fieldId=37
AND dateend.fieldId=39
AND vac_trk.trackerId=9
AND datestart.itemId=dateend.itemId
AND datestart.itemId=vac_trk.itemId
AND vac_trk.itemId=nameEmployee.itemId

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Not sure to understand the problem but
SELECT * FROM `a_test`
WHERE now( ) > deb AND now( ) < END

give me the rows only in the date

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Found the culprit - turning "Allow HTML" on for the page does the trick (plus there's another workaround: using the BETWEEN statement in SQL, avoiding ">" and "