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Extended watch w/o mail message

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Here's a suggestion for a feature (I'm not aware of anything like this existing in current versions):

Goal: Give the user the ability to "follow up" on certain pages, without sending him mail.

The principle would be a little bit like the bookmarks (or like following stocks on a finance site) - we could mark them (color, bold, sort)depending on whether (or how often) they have been updated since his last visit (or his last login, that might be easier).

Agreed, the "Since your last visit" does this to some extent, but adds noise by showing all the pages that the user might not be interested in (I love it anyway...)

Any takers? ;)
Discussion most welcome!

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It can be a good feature.

You almost can do it now, but not very usuable (you have to create a new user)
Have a new user with a specific email. redirect this email on a forum or via mailin to a wiki page
Not the best, I agree :-)