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Allow HTML User Edits

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Hi. I have a page which I need to allow HTML in, however when a user edits the page the option to "allow html" is not avaliable for them. Once they save, the option seems to not be set and the html code is displayed at txt.

How do I get the "Allow HTML" option to display for all users editing pages... Also is there a way to make that the default option?

Thanks! I love Tiki!

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Did you know the option to assign the permission "tiki_p_use_HTML" to the group "Registered" (or whatever group your users are in) ?:

If not, you can do that in "Admin>Groups>(select the key-assign perms.-for your group)>search and check the box "tiki_p_use_HTML".
Hope it helps. :-)

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Excellent. That's exactly what I was looking for.


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Same problem in tiki 12.x
I can't find where to set the "tiki_p_use_HTML" box. Where I can find it?

My goal is allow specific group (not admin) to have the "source" button inside the Wysiwyg editor in order to contribute also editing in html code. Now only the admin users have this option.