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File Gallery not accessible

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I had this problem: users can create new file galleries (but not admin them) - now when a user creates a file gal and doesn't check the "visible for non-admin users" checkbox, it is created but not visible to him.

Any solutions for this other than giving "admin_file_gal" to all users?


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You can only checked "Gallerie is visible by non admin" if you have tiki_p_admin_galleries. So if a user have tiki_p_create_file_galleries and not tiki_p_admin_galleries, how can he change it?
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Sylvie, that is *exactly* the point - how can I give my users the right to create galleries that are visible to everyone ? Is the only solution to give them tiki_p_admin_galleries ? I hope not... because I don't want them to mess around with other galleries.

The workaround for now is "the users need to request the opening of a file gallery, only admins can create galleries" - but that's not entirely satisfactory.

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A quick hack is to modify the template templates/tiki-file_galleries.tpl
Take away the if : {if $tiki_p_admin_file_galleries eq 'y'} ..{/if}
around the "Gallery is visible..."

But now that I get it :-) It is pretty stupid:
You must be able to assign individual perm if you can create a gallerie to create who can see it...

It seems to be the same problem with images galleries

another bug...