Features / Usability

Features / Usability

couple of things

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I'm using tiki 1.7

1) Everytime I edit tiki_header.tpl to include a title and an image, I can no longer click on the "::" links beside the Wiki and Admin links on the lefthand side of the page. I get an error and the tree doesn't expand.

2) The browser back button doesn't work. I have to manually press refresh after pressing the back button.

3) How do you remove that top line that says
"This is Tiki v1.7.8 -Eta....blah blah blah"

4) How do you remove the bottom line with all the RSS crap and the "Page Generated" Line just below?

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1). & 3). Edit tiki-top_bar.tpl
2). Unsure, sounds like something to do with cached pages
4). Edit tiki-bot_bar.tpl

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top and bottom line (3 and 4) are in Admin / Features (bottom of page, two checkboxes)