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using CATEGORIES to allow anon users to view pages in that category (how to do)

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Hello everyone,

We have a growing tikiwiki site that has over 400 pages the majority of which we want to only be visible to registered users (i.e. I have removed tiki_p_view from annonymous users.

I have created a category called "public" and I understand that we cna use this category to allow annonymous users to view pages in this category. Is this true and how can I do it?


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I did a test by taking tiki_p_view away from Anonymous as you have. I found that if a category has a tiki_p_view_categories permission listed for Anonymous, then anons can see the items in that category. If a page or other object is in a category that doesn't have tiki_p_view_categories set for anonymous, or if it isn't in a category at all, then anons can't view it. The solution for you would seem to be to just make sure no pages to be viewed by Registered only have been given a tiki_p_view or tiki_p_view_categories for Anonymous. Then give your Public category the tiki_p_view_categories perm for Anonymous, which will override the group's global setting.

As with any permissions configuring, it is important to visit the site as an anonymous user or log in as a member of whatever group is concerned and make sure it works as intended.

-- Gary - themes.tw.o