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Features / Usability

Points per month or proints in the last month

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We are using Wiki in an educational situation where each semester we have a new cohort of students being added to the community.

Turns out that the points (score) are a very effective way of motivating some people but several have suggested that the new cohort gets frustrated cos there is no way they will catch poeple who have been in the enviornment for a year longer

Is there any way we can dispaly

  • total nyumber of points as well as
  • the number of points per month or
  • maybe points in teh last month

These differnt metrics would assist newcomers to feel that theyy were contributing.


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There is some work being done with "Contributions" feature in 1.10, but it doesn't display for a user that kind of data automatically for user's contributions (only for admin)
(blogs and tikisheets are already included also)

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Btw, it would be great, Peter, if you share your experience on edu.tw.o (so that other can learn from what you are doing... :-) Looks nice, but I don't get the whole context/usage...
Cheers, xavi