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Features / Usability

Chat Addon quick Smileys

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I modded the chat so you can click on a smiley and insert it at cursor position.

I just post it here since i cannot get acces to sourceforege or upload files to the development forum:

add the attached file as "templates/tiki-smileys_chat.tpl"

Replace in templates/tiki-chatroom.tpl line 44

{tr}Use (:smileyname:) for smileys{/tr} (smile, biggrin, cool, evil, frown, rolleyes, confused, cry, eek, exclaim, idea, mad, surprised, lol, redface, neutral, sad, twisted, wink)<br />


{tr}Use (:smileyname:) for smileys{/tr} {include file="tiki-smileys_chat.tpl" area_name='chatbox'}