Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Undefined variable: categorize_list.php

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it seems it has something to do with the easyphp version. Initially I installed 1.9.7, later upgraded to easyphp 1.8 but it appears that i still have a version 1.9.7 of categorize_list.php.

Notice: Undefined variable: categories in c:\programme\easyphp1-8\www\tikiwiki-1.9.8\categorize_list.php on line 35

Any help is very much appreciated! question


BTW: I have installed TikiWiki locally on my machine on Windows XP Service Pack II

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wink the fix worked.

I thank you very much for your quick response !


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Thanks for that Marc.
Just for the record - I was seeing that on proper Linux based LAMP setups as well. That seems to have sorted it nicely.

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That fix nailed it. Thanks, Marc!



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