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Trouble with wiki3d recently? (workaround found)

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Is anyone else having trouble with the wiki3d browser?

I had it running a while ago (last year) and recently tried to get it back again, but it no longer seems to work on my remote servers.

I have tried it with 1.9.7 and the latest BRANCH-1-9 version (1.9.8) on three servers and only my local one (running on Mac OS X 10.4) works properly.

I uploaded the 1.10 HEAD version and that does work ok, both remote and locally.

The exception in the Java console i get is:

Thu Jul 12 17:02:44 BST 2007 JEP creating applet br.arca.morcego.Morcego
Morcego rulez!
  at br.arca.morcego.transport.XmlrpcTransport.fillGraph(XmlrpcTransport.java:91)
  at br.arca.morcego.transport.XmlrpcTransport.retrieveData(XmlrpcTransport.java:85)
  at br.arca.morcego.run.Feeder.run(Feeder.java:138)
  at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:613)

My initial theory was that my hosting people had somehow blocked the XMLRPC thing, but as 1.10 works ok i don't think that can be it.
Does anyone know what changes have been made, specifically to 1.10 regarding XMLRPC?

Or any other ideas?


posts: 126819 United Kingdom

Yay! Woo! mrgreen

I seem to have got round it - by some cunning hacking.

I copied the /lib/pear/xml directory from v 1.10 over the one in my 1.9.8 install and it the 3d thing now runs again.

Hope it helps someone else one day!