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categorize blog posts??

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Is there any way to 'categorize' an individual blog post - obviously the overall blog can be categorized through the edit screen but I can't see a way to set the category for an individual post. Am I missing something?? If this can't be done - is there an alternative suggestion that anyone has for being able to 'tag' individual posts - I'm using at present until 1.10 is released


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This is an answer that I would like to see answered as well. Is it possible to define categories for blog posts? It is a feature which is common in all major blogs like WordPress and Serendipity but I can't find it in v2.0RC2.



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  • pingbong* reminder. No Blog categories in Tiki? Anyone? Thanks!


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As far as I know, you can't categorize individual blog posts, but you can use freetags for TikiWiki 2 blog posts, which provides a kind of non-hierarchical categorization so might work for you.

-- Gary

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Depending on your application, you could set up a blog for every category you want and aggregate the latest activity onto a wiki page with the last_blog_posts module. It only displays the titles, but it would be a start. I was looking for the same functionality and decided this was sufficient. It's actually almost better for what I want to do.

Just include this on a wiki page...

{MODULE(module=last_blog_posts) /}

There are a some parameters you can pass to the module (ie. how many posts you want). Getting the thing to display full width seems to be fine in 1.10/2.0 but required some messing around with the tpl in 1.9.