1.10 wysiwyg and tiki syntax, plugins, ... are not working

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I recently tried the 1.10 for the wysiwyg, and found the following things not working for me:

  • Existing tiki pages are not displayed correctly in the wysiwyg editor.
    • It's making shit like this (does not even get the linebreaks!):
    • <p>!Heading</p>
      Here i have to mention, that your CODE plugin on this page does not code html, so i had to user the html code for < inside the code Plugin, which should be filtered and translated automatically!
    • from
  • Plugins and other features are not working anymore!
  • I tried all all 4 possibilities of
    • Content is parsed like wiki page: y/n
    • Content is partially parsed: y/n

This makes this feature practically useless, if you want to use any plugin, which is one of the biggest advantages of tikiwiki, because it allows you to get a maximum of output from a minimum of code. If i want ONLY Documents i would use somethign else!
Is it so hard to integrate both deatures?

Why don't the Devs just mod the fckeditor to work with tiki syntax, or at least ignore it? The absolut minimum would be to convert existing pages on demand.