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Architecture / Installation

"Upgrade" to 1.7.2? How?

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I think I don't get it: if I want to upgrade from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2, what do I do except comparing the new and the old dir and overwrite the diff's? Nothing else? If I have made changes to the templates and my versions from my theme are used by tiki, will I not see some of the new features? And do I have to do something with the tables in the database?

I didn't find anything on the difference between upgrade and reinstall. In fact, I don't find any info on upgrading (the way I understand it). Don't mind the reinstall at all, though, but I was wondering.

I would appreciate if somebody could show me the right way.

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There should be no new features between 1.7.x versions, and therefore no database changes needed.
If by reinstall you mean rerunning tiki-install, you should have to if you rewrite the file contaning database settings.
You must check that the files you changed have not been fixed (but IMHO it wouldn't matter much), then replace 1.7.2 standard files by your modified ones.