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Contact us page blank after v2.0 upgrade

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Hi - I've just completed 2 separate/different upgrades from 1.9.11 to v2.0 and I've just noticed that in both cases the "Contact us" page is blank when it displays. The linkable page title shows OK at the top of the page but nothing else is displayed.

Both sites worked OK before the upgrade and everything else looks OK.

I've double checked that in both sites "Contact us" and "Contact us anonymously" are still set plus the contact user is also still set with an e-mail address, but the blank page happens whether I'm logged in or not even when logged in as admin.

Has anyone else seen this? Have I missed something during the upgrade? I guess I could switch off the "Contact us" function as a workaround but I'd like to resolve this since I had been planning to upgrade a number of 1.9.11 sites to 2.0

Any help/thoughts really appreciated



posts: 838 United Kingdom
Thanks xavi - I've done that now