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I need a calendar javascript select dropdown by name

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I'm an admin, not a coder, so I need some assistance.

I'm trying to help someone that has implemented a Tiki site for a law firm to interact with one of their largest clients. The client is a large client, so the law firm needed (or thought they needed) roughly 180 calendars. there are approximately 6 calendars per US state that this client has open cases in. All of calendar names have common elements, like Deposition, Mediation, Trial, Conference Call, etc.

I see that the check box at the top of the list of calendars under the Filter tab uses a javascript function to check/uncheck all calendars.

I need a javascript function that will look at Image
<label for="groupcal_13" class="calId13">Conference Call (id #13)</label>
or Image
<label for="groupcal_11" class="calId11">Deposition (id #11)</label>
and select all depositions or all Conference Calls by selecting using a dropdown or a similar method.

Is this possible??

I'm in dire need of assistance.
Thanks in advance,

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Dear Brad,

Welcome to Tikiwiki Community.

For what you request, I would suggest you to hire a Consultant to code that for you, in case you don't get proper feedback in short here in this forum.

Sorry, I'm not a coder either, but I know that most coders can't follow the huge amount of messages in forums.



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