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Significant problem with 2.1 upgrade

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I've just completed a number of upgrades from 2.0 to 2.1 and with the last site I had "Report all PHP errors" switched on and I saw that I am now getting dozens of PHP NOTICES. Below is just a small sample. Checking all the other sites I found that they are all showing the same PHP NOTICE problems.

Could anyone with an upgraded 2.1 site please switch on the "Report all PHP errors" to see if they have the same problem

Could I have done something wrong or is this a bug??

PHP (5.2.6) NOTICE (8):
File: enen^%%E7^E7E^E7EBB0CD%%tiki-admin.tpl.php
Line: 30
Type: Undefined index: feature_version_checks

PHP (5.2.6) NOTICE (8):
File: enen^%%E7^E7E^E7EBB0CD%%tiki-admin.tpl.php
Line: 91
Type: Undefined index: feature_eph

PHP (5.2.6) NOTICE (8):
File: en^%%EE^EEF^EEFB0E04%%mod-login_bhug_box.tpl.php
Line: 6
Type: Undefined index: do_not_show_login_box

PHP (5.2.6) NOTICE (8):
File: en^%%F8^F87^F8728316%%module.tpl.php
Line: 75
Type: Undefined index: module_error

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I now switched on "report all PHP errors" (for admin only), too, and see none. (upgraded Version 2.1)

Did you clear the caches on /tiki-admin_system.php ? - Only my idea ...

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Yep - I cleared all the caches

When I did the upgrade however I used the full package - not the incremental one - could this have made a difference?

Rontu - which way did you upgrade?

There's obviously something wrong with the data structure - does anyone know where a definitive description of all the current tables, fields and indices could be found so I could cross check everything?


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I get tikiwiki-2.1.tar.bz2 from Sourceforge.net and upgraded a new installed 2.0 version.

For the upgrade of my other 1.9.11 version I just a had no time (first I want to move to another server), so I can't tell you the result from upgrading an 1.9.x version.

I don't understand, what you mean with "full packet" or "incremental one", sorry.

If I for example missed an upgrade version in past, I did it step by step, unless from the description under "more information" it was clear (for me), that's no problem upgrading in a bigger step.

Actually I have an interesting new problem - I can't save wiki pages any more eek. I get the error : The requested URL .../HomePage&saved_msg=y was not found on this server.

hmmm question

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... but when I go back (yes, using browser's back-function wink), ignoring all popup warnings, the edits of the page were saved.

I'll test and search a bit ...

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I'm getting more problems now. Getting PHP Warnings now as shown below:

File: adminlib.php
Line: 403
Type: file(db/tiki-2.1-mysql.sql) function.file: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

When I checked the db folder on the server the file was still called tiki-2.0-mysql.sql. I went back to the original .zip I downloaded and this was 2.0 as well - so is the .tar. But clearly something is calling tiki-2.1-mysql.sql.

Can anyone shed any light on all this?