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v 2.2 Newsletters: using HTML vs text

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Hi - I'm just getting into using the very valuable Newsletter facilities in v2.2 but I'm having trouble properly understanding why there are separate HTML and Text boxes when you create a new edition of a Newsletter.

My confusion starts when you create a new Newsletter with the "Allow customized text message to be sent with the html version" tick box option at the "Admin newsletters" screen. The existing documentation doesn't make sense to me i.e. "If this is checked, you will be able to add a custom block of code that appears in each newsletter. This can be used for marketing messages or other boilerplate text." Unfortunately I cannot see anywhere in all the various screen where you might set this 'custom block of code' - unless it has something to do with the separate text block area at the "Send Newsletter" screen.??

I've tried various options of using combinations of the HTML and text edit areas when creating a new edition of a Newsletter and it just doesn't make much sense to me. Does it have something to do with how a receiving e-mail client will see a newsletter. If so why doesn't the system save both the text and html versions - when I use it, only the html version seems to get saved in either a draft or a sent version.

Hopefully there is someone 'out there' that knows what this is trying to do - all help much apprecaited