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How to open a phplayers menu link in new page ?? (v2.2)

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I've been trying to get a menu link to open in a new page with 2.2. I'm using the "Menus" admin screen and am trying to modify a custom phplayers top menu. The existing tiki documentation says that you can just append
" target="_blank
to the end of the url - making sure there is no blank between the url and the "

But I can't seem to get this to work. I've tried it with full external url's i.e. http//www.etc .. as well as internal links and wiki page refs in double brackets. I've also tried a few variants on the documented approach but nothing seems to work for me - I just get an error page when I save the menu item saying the following:
Notice: invalid variable value: $_POST%22url%22

Has anyone else had this problem or got it to work somehow?

Any thoughts much appreciated - thanks