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Calendar import/export - can anyone help with these?

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I'm confused by the 'status' of the import/export functionality in Calendar.

There do not seem to be any overt links that take you to this functionality and the documentation is shall we say "sparse" smile

Some documentation talks about " New iCal export feature " in versions 2 and 3 - but does that mean version 2??

I've tried to use tiki-calendar_export_ical.php (which I assume is it??? and there is a corresponding .tpl file) but I just get database query errors as follows:
Unknown column 'name_ASC' in 'order clause'
Built query was probably:
select * from `tiki_calendars` order by `name_ASC` asc

Presumably the import function is tiki-calendar_import.php but I couldn't find a corresponding .tpl file (although there is a tiki-ical.tpl, but I'm not sure where this fits) and is there any documentation to make sure I've got the right fields/format.

Would really appreciate any input from anyone that has used Calendars