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How do I make the startpage show the last changed pages dynamically?

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As of today my startpage is just a static wiki page. How do I make the startpage show the last changed pages dynamically like most blogs? As of today I have the last changed lists on the right just showing the titles but it would be better to show the first 5 lines or so of new pages on the startpage and have a more-link or similar.

I assume this either is a settings, some module or coding is required. In any case I'm interested in a solution.

Thanks in advance
riper, Sweden

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You can use the {MODULE()} plugin to add modules to pages such as since_last_visit_new, which will show changes to various Tiki objects as well as new material. There are lots of object-specific-modules too that will show things like the last X forum postings, or the top blogs, or last uploaded files etc. The modules should probably cover 99% of your needs.

You can also add multiple modules per page so that you can end up with quite a complex page with a wealth of information. In addition, look at plugins too, as there are one or two plugins that give you some information such as the total number of users (I think "per user group" is possible).

Modules and Plugins can be added to a page using the standard text editor, there are icons to the right hand side of the normal bold, italic icons etc.

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Also, In "General" Admin, under "Navigation" you can choose to make a blog, the wiki, image or file gallery, or a forum be the home page. You have to have these features enabled and you must have also created them (Ex: you must enable forums in "Admin/Features" and have then actually created at east one forum).

I believe the plugins darkbee speaks of are not like plugins for Joomla where you go out and get them an add them to your install (though Tiki has had a few of these) but already exist within your Tiki install and are chosen in the Admin Modules area in a pull down menu. The same place you found the "last changed..." plugin.

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Unclegeo, thanks for your reply. I would like the result (my HomePage) to look like a blog, meaning the header and maybe the first 5 sentences of the newest or maybe latest updated wiki articles.

Turning on the blog won't help because we only use the wiki and want articles from there.

Is there a way of doing this?

If not, could you point me on how to start writing a module/plugin that does this? I suppose it would help to look at the "last_changed" module because it gets the headers of the latest changed articles.

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I didn't see any module/plugin-icons (logged in as admin) so I tried by creating a new page with this in the textarea


{ is replaced by z (newbie, I know..) :-)

After saving I get the error: "This plugin's body is empty."

What am I doing wrong?

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Is there a little pencil icon somewhere on the page? Normally in the most recent versions of Tiki you have to "validate" the plugin before it will be displayed.
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I figured you might have forgotten about this so I remind you... :-)

Any ideas?

I wrote a post above (answer to unclegeo) that might better describe the problem.

Thanks in advance!

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Didn't see any pencil icon. I had that validation error before but even though I hit validate it didn't help. After adding the tiki_p_plugin_viewdetail permission I started getting the "This plugin's body is empty."-error. I thought it had to do with the fact that my syntax was wrong. Then I found the approval page tiki-plugins.php and it worked.

The "since_last_visit_new" plugin only shows the titles and I would like to show both titles and the first couple of sentences in the latest changed pages. Is there a plugin for that or do I have to write one myself?

Thanks again for helping me out