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Report on which users viewed a certain Wiki page on a given date

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I am on v 2.10. Is there a way to run a report that identifies the users who viewed a given Wiki page on a given day? The report would be run daily.

I am new to TikiWiki, just inherited the Wiki under v2.10 and will be upgrading when 6.1 is ready.

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Are you talking about registered users?

I'm not sure if it captures page views but if it does then the "Tiki Tools" calendar would be the functionality you require. You'll have to enable it under features, and sadly it won't have logged any information prior to turning it on, I think (assuming it isn't turned on already).

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This can't be done (AFAIK) automatically, but you can add a Tracker to specific wiki pages that visitors would have to complete (e.g., indicating that they have read the page) on each page. Then you, as the admin, could generate a report from the tracker showing which users have read (or at least indicated that they read) which wiki pages, and when.

I've seen this used previously, in a Tiki system in which employees & new hires were required to read specific HR pages. The admin needed an "audit trail" proving that each employee read the pages.


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I figured it out. The following query in the MySQL database returns the users who viewed the "What's New" Wiki page on 10/12/2010:

select lastModif, user from tikiwiki199.tiki_actionlog
where object = "WhatsNew"
and (lastModif between UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2010-10-12 00:00:00') and UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2010-10-12 23:59:59'))