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Migrating Tiki 8.2 File Gallery Problem

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I'm migrating an installation of Tiki 8.2 on shared GoDaddy hosting to a GoDaddy VPS.

I've successfully exported all of the tables from the current database except for then tiki_files table.

There are some larger files in this table and it seems like it just stops exporting after about 10-15 files. I haven't confirmed, but my guess is that it's stopping only at larger files (greater than 1MB).

Any suggestions how to migrate these files? There are almost 500 in the gallery, so I really don't want to move them manually.

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have you tried accessing the database directly (via phpMyAdmin or similar) and performing an export of that table only?

what is the (reported) size of the tiki_files table? that could be the source of the problem

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Yes, sorry, I should've mentioned that I'm working specifically with that table. I was able to export the structure with no problem, but the data won't export correctly.

The tiki_files table is about 230 MB, but I've tried breaking it into smaller subsets, and I still run into the problem. For instance, I tell phpmyadmin to export 20 rows starting at 0. I still run into the issue with the export process not bringing back all 20 records. It only brings back a couple and then stops at the first larger file (over 1MB).

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Hi gjwheat:

I guess that you can move the file galleries settings from db to files on disk. And this way, you can move that big number of files (and size) through ftp more easily.

Search under the admin panel for file galleries, and there should be an option some where to switch frmo db to files on disk.



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As a follow up to this, I've also tried to upload new files to the new server. I'm again running into the issue with larger files. Small files upload fine, but the large files do not upload.

The page loads, but the spinning circle for the file upload just keeps spinning for the larger files.

Any idea what the problem is? I don't think the problem is with Tiki, but I can't figure out why the files aren't uploading.

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Hi gjwheat:

I'm afraid that this looks a new threat, but anyways...
You can try to raise the maximum size of files to upload through php process in the new server by tweaking the content of the .htaccess file in the tiki root folder.

See this:

and if you can't use htaccess for some reason, you could try with:

See the params related with upload size and timeout, etc.

Good luck!