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Tiki permission system: does the user stay admin of his/her page

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The question refers to Tiki 1.7.4.

In the Wiki settings administration section there exists a flag allowing the creator of the page be regarded as the page's admin. As far as I was able to verify, this makes the perm button to appear for the creator of the page, allowing him/her to set permissions for this page.

However, if the creator of the page should change permissions of the page (with the intention that only real administrators + the page creator are able to change permission), the creator loses the perm button.

In effect, setting custom per-page permissions invalidate the creator's admin rights to the particular page. I wonder whether this is correct behaviour: should the creator not stay the administrator of his/her page?

Now thinking about it, allowing the user to stay page's admin would prevent the real admin from taking the page away from the user for a reason (although I cannot imagine why this should happen at all).

A workaround that would accomplish the same effect is to make a group per user with only that user as a member. The user would, then, be able to set tiki_p_wiki_admin for this group only. But as you probably expect, this would turn to be a maintenance nightmare.

So I ask what is the correct way to set Wiki permissions up, so that the author would stay the page admin regardless of the per-page permission settings?


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Looks like you spotted a bug there!

Would be great if you could fill out a RFE for it on http://sourceforge.net so that when we have a bugfix session we can address it.