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Hi everyone,

I have been refactoring the Documentation Status page to make it simpler to use.
How To Tag and status tags were merged in.

I am now wondering about two things:

Should the category system disappear?
categories and status tags are used for the same purpose: marking the documentation lifecycle status of a page.
Having two separate systems is confusing and I find the backlink method easier to use.

Is the tag page usefull at all?
If yes why, and if not could we delete it?


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Regarding the category system - agree there seems to be duplication here. One possible use for categories is to hide pages that are being worked on - but I don't think they've ever been used for that on the doc site nor would I recommend we start. Therefore I would be fine with transferring/deleting the category system over to the tags, which I agree is easier and more apparent to users.

Regarding the tag page - you need some page to backlink to for the collection of tags to work (I think we forgot to say that in the instructions to creating a tag). So if we deleted tag, we could add the tag alias to the Documentation Status page. Then all tag pages to link to either tag or Documentation Status. That change would make a lot of sense - everything more centralized to the Documentation Status page - I like it!

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Yet, if I apply the proposed syntax, I get errors.

Per example, if you go to the syntax page I started at this location ( https://tv.tiki.org/Syntax#Linking_an_external_wiki ) you will notice that these two lines don't work

(CODE(caption="These syntax lines don't work")}Image

What would you suggest?

Meaning that if there are too many syntax explanations, we get lost.


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Hi Daniel

What are you trying to achieve, and does it have anything to do with the current subject?
I had a look and corrected the img plugin syntax, hth


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  • the tag page was removed
  • I started migrating the category system to the backlink system, but this will take some time (still 431 pages to edit)
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Excellent work! Thanks again for all the effort to clean up this part of the doc site, which is very important but often neglected.

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The following categories where migrated:

  • obsolete (12 pages)
  • to-do (85 pages)
  • reviewed (4)
  • validated (1)
  • live (21)
  • pending review (98)
  • Should be moved to another site (15)

Still one to go:

  • in progress (222 pages)


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OK, I understand

Now that you pointed me to the last categories.
When I browse through this key word categories page is that there are so many of them that I wonder how and who is creating them.

Are these keywords "machine" generated or someone actually created all of them?

Keywords created

Machine or manual creation?

If these categories are machine generated, how do they get created? Or actually, where can I go to create one of my own?

Example number one

I'm interrested in video clips being done the wiki way. Where can I go or what should I do to get a "Video" category keyword created? I went to the said page and I can not edit that page.

Can you help me get a categoy be created?

What I need to see on this Category Keyword page is a place where I will quickly find My Category!

Another example

Another weird thing I found is this:
When I visit this Category Keyword page I find a lot of of this and not a lot of that. What I mean here is that this Category File page shows only 7 pics whereas other categories shows 200 choices of keywords. Is this normal taht 7 pics found their place into the "Category World"?

I see, so far a side link that helps me jump from the doc area to Featured Links


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There is much to say about that, but it has nothing to do with the current subject. So, please open a new thread either in the forum or on the ML, I'll answer there.



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I read here that a new "complete" status tag was proposed to replace the old "reviewed", "validated" and "live" categories (by rick ?).
I am not sure we really need such a tag. The concept of "complete" is too temporary for a wiki page.
Should we not reather consider that a page which has no tag is "complete"?

Also, I propose to not tag pages that are not in English.
English should be the reference (since not everyone can translate from all languagues), and localized pages are only a translation of this reference, thus have the same status. Localized pages don't need to appear in a status list.
One tag could eventualy be added in other languages, such as "Page à traduire" (page to translate).

What do you think?


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+1 for both
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Where is the "here" link pointing. I only see an question mark (?).

If I click on the question mark, I'm being asked to create a page


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Sorry, I fixed it.