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Icons on Forums

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I am investigating using the TikiWiki forum feature for a website for which graphics is very important(users may have limited language capability). There will be multiple forums, so I wanted to be able to have an icon or some other image for each forum on the forum list. But in 'Admin Forums' I didn't see any config options for such a graphic. I'm on version 9.1. Any ideas?
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If it's just the list, maybe just make a list in a wiki page?

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Thanks for the suggestion - have you time to explain how to do that, or point me to some doc? I'm new to Tikiwiki, but do have some php/sql exeprience.
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Like this

An example of links
[forum1|name of forum1]
 [forum2|name of forum2]
 [forum3|name of forum3]
 [forum4|name of forum4]
 [forum5|name of forum5]

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The forum descriptions are wiki parsed, so you can use the forum description to display the icon.

Upload your icons to a file gallery, edit the forum, check the "Show description:" option, and start the forum description with: {img fileId= } inserting the fileId of your icon. The icons will then display under the forum title in the forum list.

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Thanks Tom and Marc. Using an image in the description field works well. I've tried creating a wiki page with images and links. That also works, but presumably with that solution I'm replacing the normal forum list page with a wiki page, and thereby losing other information that appears on the forum list. I could get it back with some programming effort, but the image in the description field seems a more straightforward solotion.

Thanks again guys, and I have to say I am impressed with the Tikiwiki software. Pity about the doumentationbiggrin.