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Architecture / Installation

Multiple tikis fail with 1.8

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I've been running multiple, separate Tikis (e.g., my.domain.edu/tiki1, my.domain.edu/tiki2, etc) on the same machine without incident for more than a year. After installing any version of 1.8 (and just for testing purposes), I have had terrible problems - and it's not a server config issue; I'm running Fedora Core 1 on one machine, and RedHat 8.0 on the other. If a 1.7* site and 1.8 site are accessed simultaneously on the same machine, httpd starts taking up 80 - 90% of CPU time, spawns way too many subprocesses, and eventually the whole system goes down with an out of memory error. No Apache or PHP error messages.


Thx in advance
Bryan Pfaffenberger
Univ. of Virginia

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Are they complete seperate installations are are they maybe sharing the tikiroot/lib/ folder. If the 1.8 was a 1.7 upgrade the Smarty/ path moved to inside lib/ as well?

Its a strange one, I have 1.7.4/.5/1.8 and HEAD all on my webserver with various clients sites and never had something like this. (Red Hat 9)

My workstation is a Fedora Core, I'll check on that as that also has my development branchs on it, but again, Ive never seen or noticed anyone with this problem.

Actually! I have had a Tiki bring down a computer with similar effects, no response to anything and then the Out of Memory errors, but that was due to clicking on rebuilding thumbnails in the Image Gallery (RH9 machine)