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WikiLinks in UTF-8?

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Will it be possible anytime soon that WikiLinks be specified in UTF-8. For instance, this ???? ???? ???? should be formatted as a WikiLink, but isn't.


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Hi filmil,
check Wiki Admin section about this. That covers the ((Link)) kind of links, but not WikiWords if that's what you want. WikiWords parsing is not needed in some non-latin languages since they don't have "case", but I agree maybe something can be done about cyrillic.
Although I'm far from being a PHP master, it seems to me that if offers functions for latin languages only, and it may be harder to introduce support for other cased languages. Tell us how other Wikis do, if you can...?

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Is this problem solved? I'm having same problem(not working wikiword conversion in UTF-8. In my case, it's korean.) with my installation of 1.9 RC3.confused

but when i tested it at tikiwiki.org(it's 1.9 RC4, though), it worked well. so i'm wondering if there's anything i did wrong or any solution i couldn't found has announced.

i think that i searched almost every knowledgebase with possible keywords for last 2 days. in vain, of course.cry

got any suggestion?

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If you are speaking about WikiWords ... at my great surprise, I discovered this today, it is only ascii!
In my French language: LangueFrançaise - will never be recognized as a wikiword
I will try to fix this as soon as I have some time.

If you are speaking about ~np~LangueFrançaise~np~, this is defined in admin -> wiki -> Wiki Link Format. The text is not very good but latin must be a good choice. It is the setting of tikiwiki.org