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Tiki and PluginR

Autovalidation of plugin RR for admins

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Hello, me again :-)

Updating around 70 - 140 times RR plugins per day, whenever I have some change, I'm starting to be quite annoyed with the plugin validation... I'm loosing a lot of time.

So my question is : do you think possible either to autovalidate or to disable RR plugin validation for some special groups with authorisation?

Actually this might really help... Because those who have validation rights will validate anyway their plugins, so when it is their own plugins really this validation steps have no use at all...

Hope the answer in tiki is easy, though...

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Hi Joël:

There was some discussion in the past about this topic for any plugin, not just for pluginR. And some devs were against it. However, I still think that this option should exist.

Can you raise this topic through the devel list, please?

Technically, I have no clue how/where this should be changed in php.... but if generally agreed to have this extra option, then this can be added by some experienced developer (jyhem, for instance, etc).


P.S: This morning, I commited version 0.82 of PluginR fixing an issue with the cache refreshing, making shorter the inidication of cached R content, etc. (hidden in the icon on mouseover). It will be packed in mods.t.o automagically in a few hours/days, I guess.

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By the way, Joël, you can also use the admin panel to validate many plugins at once (or all) in just a few clicks, by means of using tiki-plugins.php as a user with admin rights.

There is an icon in the "quick admin" section at the header: Plugin Approval: Image , which leads to: tiki-plugins.php

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Thank you Xavi !
Ok I'll report this case to the dev list and see with Jyhem if this might be doable...
Yeah the plugin validation page is useful... I'm used to keep it open and to refresh it, sending the validation again just by doing this. But when I modify, for instance here, several plugins at once, for some reason I have to do it several times... So it would be great if I might just be able to skip that hassle ;)...