Tiki and PluginR

Tiki and PluginR

Re: Jyhem coding RR plugin settings variables directly from within RR

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We are thinking now to have a "custom PNG output" option, leaving the R script to do the output (as ggsave or other outputs could be used than just png). Just beforehand, we will inject in the R script a RRname variable, that the user needs to use in the R script in order to name the output file.

To make correspond this :

VariablePageNAme (in R)
"' . $rgo . "_$image_number.png" (in RR php)

In order to inject in the beginning of the Rscript :

  1. PHP injects this before the starting of the script

tikiRRfilename = Variable.defined.in.RR.plugin.by.php.and.injected.in.the script

(...R script...)

ggsave(filename=tikiRRfilename, plot=plot, width=calc.width, height=calc.height, scale=v=calc.scale, units="cm")