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Locked out after HTTPS change. Help!

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I changed the HTTPS Login option to Encouraged (without having a cert...thought I could change it back), but now I can't even log in normally. tiki-login.php redirects to tiki-login_scr.php and if I log in I am redirected to https://...

How do I undo this? I tried setting https_login to disabled in MySQL but that does nothing.

Any ideas?

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Thanks. I did search for this but couldn't turn up anything useful. Also, I had already done these steps and I'm still being redirected to https when I try to login.

Is there a cache that needs to be cleared or something?

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In templates_c/ delete everything but: index.php
In temp/public/ delete everything but: .htaccess and index.php
In lib/test/core/temp/cache/ delete everything but: index.php
In modules/cache/delete everything but: index.php and README
In temp/cache/ delete everything but: index.php

To clear the folders you can use these commands:

ls -1d ./templates_c/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm ls -1d ./temp/public/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm ls -1d ./lib/test/core/temp/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm ls -1d ./modules/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php -e README | xargs -r /bin/rm ls -1d ./temp/cache/* |grep -v -e index.php | xargs -r /bin/rm

Updated Some how I listed the commands twice. I edited and removed the duplicates.
Updated again - I improved the code so there is no warning message if there are no files to delete in the folder, and removed the check for a .htaccess file since "ls -1d" does not list hidden files.

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Yes! That did it. Thank you!!!

There needs to be some documentation on clearing the cache manually. I'll add this info to the wiki pages about the cache.