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I've recently run into some trouble with my testing strategy as a normal user on my site. I typically navigate my site with full admin privileges, but from time to time I like to remove myself from the admin group and test certain features as a normal user.

Recently, I noticed that some of the features were not working as expected for a normal user but I later found out that simply removing myself from the group was no longer enough. As I am in my Active Directory as an admin user, something was preventing me from truly becoming a 'normal user' when removing myself from the admin group. I found out that the features were actually working properly only by checking with a co-worker how the site appeared for them as a normal user. But these features were not appearing correctly as I still had admin privileges which I was trying to get rid of for the testing purposes.

I'm curious how others go about testing functionality on their sites as normal users. Is my method flawed? Should I use another strategy for testing the functionality as a normal user on my site?


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The users are synced through an AD on my site. Basically, our group information is placed inside an LDAP where the information is synced every time the user logs in. So if I remove myself from a group, then log out and back in, I am automatically synced with the proper groups (in this case the admin group).

Therefore, I do not have normal Tiki users. You must be within the school's system to log in (I work for my school).

The problem is that I cannot simply create a 'test' user, since this user would need to be placed on the school's servers as some staff member or student. Is there any other way to test with normal user privileges on a system using LDAP?

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