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Creating front end wiki controlls

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I am interested in creating a wiki for my business team that will allow us to post and describe either upcoming or existing applications. My goal is to create an easy way for my team to edit/save their wiki information without having to navigate through my set template and application edit area. These "front end" controls would mimic the set save/edit controls seen in the application edit area. I would be surprised is this was not possible, although I have not seen any forums or information on how to achieve this. Just to be clear, I would imagine doing this through html/JScript/smarty or something.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Avocadocommander,

I am not sure, if I understand what you are talking about. Taking it simple, you just need some menu.

You could create menus manually with the "module menu" plus the /tiki-admin_menus.php or with the "module menupage" and a wikipage (good for users with limited permissions).

Alternatively you can create semiautomatically with the "module menu" plus menu structures.


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Hi Torsten,

Thank you for the quick reply!

I'm sorry for my lack of explination skills but my goal is to "skip" the edit area and  have my team use a template that they can edit/save and just enter information straight onto the wiki. Attatched is a fomat to further help explain and hopefuly ease some pain. 

As seen in the attached image, I wish to do the editing/saving on the main wiki screen. 

Thanks Again.

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