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When not inheriting permissions, the group displays odd behavior

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I've been attempting to setup a new Group to use for setting up a user account whose sole purpose is to submit a single form. This form is used to simply give student information to academic advisors when a student walks in for an unscheduled advising appointment.

The problem I'm encountering here is when I create the new group and assign permissions to it, it appears as if the permissions aren't behaving correctly. For example, I have a simple "Users" group that the average user belongs to after registering on the site. Even if I assign the exact same permissions to the new "Walk-In" group WITHOUT inheriting from the "Users" group, the two groups will behave very differently.

When I log in to the site with an account belonging to the "Walk-In" group I get "permission denied" errors that won't allow me to see the home page, even though I AM logged into the site. If I logout and then log back in with an account belonging to the normal "Users" group that has the SAME permissions, I am able to see everything as expected.

Now, when I set the "Walk-In" group to INHERIT from the "Users" group, the "Walk-In" group behaves exactly the same as the "Users" group. However, I don't want this "Walk-In" group to have the same permissions as the "Users" group.

What am I doing wrong here? Any suggestions?

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