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Mime Type Error, Missing Handlers

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Tiki 14.1
PHP Version 5.6

Howdy folks, I am having a hard time trouble shooting an error, I have google the issue, and searched our database here, and I see others having the same issue but I dont' see a fix for it, and I am sure it's very simple. Here is the error message I am getting at acp/file_gallerie/search_indexing
Please see image below and any help is greatly appreciated, on a side note, I am not having any issues uploading files of type jpeg or jpg.
Mime Type Error

UPDATE: As seen below for Tiki 15LTS issue. 5/22/2016

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Just chiming in to bump this old post. I'm having the same issue, and can't seem to find any insight on a solution.

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Tiki 15LTS

As I am going through my file gallery settings I have this (missing handlers) issue with our current Tiki 15LTS.
Please see attachment of what I am seeing. Is there a resolution for this? Or is it something to fret about? My files seem to be uploading just fine.
Thanks for any help.

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Isn't there a preference for mime-types somewhere in Admin | Features ?
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I'll go through it Torsten, and report back, thanks.

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No mime-types found in admin features Torsten, I looked around and I am just not seeing it.
Thanks sir

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Thanks for that Rick, I had found that before, and I checked the box, and it had no effect on the error, the error still persisted. I am looking for an area that I can specify the missing handlers but have not found it yet.