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adding new feature problem?

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Hi all,

This is regarding adding new feature to tikiwiki. Please help me in solving this?

03-27-04/14:15 phpsharma hi i have a doubt regarding
03-27-04/14:15 phpsharma Getting Started With Feature Development
03-27-04/14:15 phpsharma any one here to help me..
03-27-04/14:16 phpsharma

03-27-04/14:16 phpsharma please have a look at the ink..
03-27-04/14:17 phpsharma i couldn't understand code after this ine..
03-27-04/14:17 phpsharma See tiki/tiki-admin.php
03-27-04/14:18 phpsharma in that i couldn't find.. the lines given
03-27-04/14:18 phpsharma if $_REQUEST"features" {
03-27-04/14:18 phpsharma simple_set_toggle( "feature_wiki" );
03-27-04/14:18 phpsharma simple_set_toggle( "feature_new_feature"

03-27-04/14:18 phpsharma simple_set_toggle( "feature_polls");
03-27-04/14:19 phpsharma i couldn't found this..please help me in finding

03-27-04/14:20 phpsharma i think every body is sleeping..
03-27-04/14:21 phpsharma sorry to disturb you all..
03-27-04/14:21 phpsharma when ur UP please give some help
03-27-04/14:21 phpsharma Forum help is most welcome.
please help me..
thanks in advance

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I updated FeatureCreationDev regarding this outdated part.