Per Page Layout (Full Width)

United States

I thought I'd continue this discussion in its own dedicated topic so as to benefit anyone else considering this option as well.
My goal is to have per page layout, full screen width. I have one page on our Tiki that I would like to span 100% full screen width.
Per Gary's suggestion I have read up on this at https://themes.tiki.org/Liquid-width+section+in+page
My dilemma is I am not sure where and what to put where?

This code:

  1. middle.container {width: 100%;}

.tiki .middle_outer {background: #28292b;} /* This is to add the dark background behind the wiki page icons (change language, etc.) */
.wide-container {background: #28292b; color: #fff;}
.regular_1 {background: #f2f2f2; color: #333;}
.regular_2 {background: #fff; color: #333;}

  1. col1.col-md-9.col-md-push-3 {width: 100%; left: 0; }
  2. col2 { display: none; }{CODE}

at (wiki="0") do I replace the 0 with the wiki page name?
And where is ths code inserted?

Thanks for any continued help in this matter.