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SMTP Gmail settings?

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I am trying to configure email settings using my Gmail account.
If I use the sendmail method, the emails arrive not authenticated and Google adds a "[SPAM}" prefix.
I tried lots of combination for setting up the SMTP method

Default character set for sending mail: UFT8
Mail end of line: CRLF
Mail sender: SMTP
SMTP Server: smtp.google.com
Authentication: PLAIN
Username: (myemail)
Password: (mypass)
Port: 587
Security: TLS
Local server name: localhost
Mail Delivery: Send immidiately

If I try to send an email using the Message center, this is the error:
"An error occurred, please check your mail settings and try again"

I tried also with LOGIN authentication method and SSL instead of TLS (port according).
It happens both in my local environment and on the server.
Removed also the 2FA in my Google account just in case to be sure.

I am using Tiki 15.4 (apache 2.4 php 5.6).

Any idea?

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My site works with these settings, except:
SMTP Server smtp.gmail.com
Local server name is the domain name.