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Features / Usability

The page is being edited by User, but User has already done editing

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When someone is editing a wiki page, Tiki alerts if I want to edit that page too. Right.

But when the page is free, Tiki keeps telling me that, for minutes..

I tried changing Session storage location to Database or Memcached, with no effect.

I haven't found documentation on this behaviour.

What can I do to speed up this?
I'd like a user could edit a page even just 1 second after the previous editor left.

Using Tiki 15.4

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Enorazza, disable cache at tiki-admin.php?page=performance, Cache wiki pages (global) set to "no cache".
Then clear cache of your wiki and see if the problem persists. At least this way you'll know if it is a cache issue or not.

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Also, see a server check at www.yoururl/tiki-check.php and see if you need to correct up on any "Ugly" statements.
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Wiki cache was already set to no-cache.
Server check shows very few 'ugly' statements.
Inspired by your comment I disabled memcached.
Well, it seems working as expected now!

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That's great, I have cache disabled on my site, and I only do cache per page. I'll cache the home page for example, and tutorials pages, any page that does not change frequently I'll cache on an individual basis, but not wiki pages as a whole.