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Architecture / Installation

Online User (who-is-there) module idle timeout value

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Hi community,

I'm using the 'Online User' (who-is-there) module and I've noticed that after 5 minutes inactivity the user goes offline, but actually he has not logged out.

I've check the tiki-syslog.php and I've confirmed that after 5 minutes the user gets a "timeout" login status.

When the user click on any tiki page (or refresh the current tiki page) the status is 'back'. And the user becomes online in the "Online user" module.

Have you a hint where this configuration is settep up??

Thank you for your help in advance,

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Well, finally I've found the place where the 5 minutes timeout is setup.

The variable 'delay' in the 'update_session' function (lib/tikilib.php) has to be set as wished.

Why is this variable setup in code and not throu a Control Panel ??