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Creating a Wiki Page via Tracker

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Thanks for your answers in advance folks, I have just one simple question, I am struggling yet again to make a tracker, that when filled out, will create a wiki page.
My idea is to create a tracker, user fills out the tracker to submit an item, and a wiki page is created displaying the data that was entered.

I can boil my question down to this.
Please go to this page at http://tpwtestuser.com/wiki/Sam-Maloof
Looking at that page, can I create a tracker that will display information as is seen in that page, including even the infobox.

I just can't seem to get this right.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi John,

I think the answer is yes. With the use of a wiki page as a template to create the new wiki page from the tracker.

For example:

{tracker trackerId="19" fields="88:89:90:91" action="save" outputwiki="wikipagefromtrackerTPL" outputtowiki="88" view="page" discarditem="y"}

where outputtowiki is set to the field in your tracker you wish to use as the name of the new wiki page.

where discarditem is set to "y" is you want the item to be deleted from the tracker when the wiki page is created, or "n" if you want the item to remain stored in the tracker.

where outputwiki is set to the name of a wiki page you wish to use as a template for your layout. This wiki page needs the "Can use the page as a template for tracker or unified search (tiki_p_use_as_template)" set for the user group(s). In my example above it is called "wikipagefromtrackerTPL"

For this you need to convert your existing sample wiki page for Sam Maloof into a template, replacing text with the relevant field ids from your tracker in the form of {$f_xx} where "xx" is the field Id number

For example:
{DIV( class="panel infobox col-sm-3 pull-right")}

!!! {$f_90}
!!!! Information
|| Birth date: {$f_88} |
Birth place: {$f_89} |


I use TRACKERIF a lot in templates to test if a field is empty or not before deciding to display the information/text.

__Birth date:__ {$f_88} |

I hope this helps.


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Gail, that helps immensely! I was not even barking up the correct tree on this one when I was trying to test and build a tracker for wiki page creation.
I can't thank you enough, thanks!!!!

When I make my first successful tracker for creating pages, I'll report back here with the results, I'll get to dive in this weekend and see if I can put your great advice to work here.

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ThomG, this is ground breaking for me in my Tiki development and furthering my own skill with Tiki. I was able to create a template, a form, and have it all create a wiki page, I can't thank you enough for the clarity, and simple clarity at that, in your explanation of how to create a tracker to create a page.
A whole new world of creating Tiki pages just opened up for me and our future users of our wiki.
Thanks so much!!!


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This looks like what I need for my Tiki site. I created a template Wiki page and I can follow along with some of the instructions above but I think I may need more guidance in putting together a working form. I'm just learning about trackers and not sure how to use it in this scenario.

My site is a collection of cemetery and grave records. I'm looking to create forms so users can easily create new pages. I've been using a simple content template but it looks like creating a tracker to generate a form to generate new wiki pages is the next step. http://wikigrave.com/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page_id=80

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Jeffrey, most definitely use trackers for your case! Another great thing about trackers, is you now have semantic data that can be sorted and displayed anyway you want.
If you need help, just holler

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John, I think I'm going to take you up on that! I put my Tiki project on hold but I'm now just getting back into this. If you don't mind, I'd like some help building my tracker and Wiki page so the output formats correctly. I'd also like to have some dropdowns so I can pick an option from a category. You can reach me at legodude522 at gmail.com


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I have two quick questions on '

  • Is it possible to have more than one field go into the page name?

  • Alternatively, is it possible to have the page name output be the tracker item ID number?