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Architecture / Installation

Wiki doesn't open with default language

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Hi all,

I've setup "Default language = FR" (but can't remember where), however when I connect to https://myserver/tw:

  • Site title is in French
  • Page titles are in English
  • Left menu is in French
  • When I select the little globe, English is in italic (current language) and switching to French works OK.

What goes wrong here? FYI, both EN and FR languages have been activated.

Thanks in advance for any help!

posts: 31 France

Hi there,

No clue, really? Did anyone experience the same issue?

Thanks in advance for any help!

posts: 31 France

Hi Luciash,

I don't really know where to find this option, I'll browse through the control panels...

However, logging into the Control Panels just displays:
"Upgrade Available
Version 16.2 is still supported. However, a major upgrade to 17.0 is available." which is EN,

just followed by
Activez/désactivez les fonctionnalités Tiki dans Control Panels » Fonctionnalités, mais configurez les dans leurs pages associées. " which is FR!

I'll dig a bit and will let you know...

Thanks again for your help!

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Just copy paste it in the top "Search preferences" input on your tiki-admin.php and search for it.

posts: 31 France

Hi Luciash,

You guessed right: feature_best_language does not appear in tiki-admin.php, although I've selected French as the default language. How should I modify tiki-admin.php to add this setting?

Thanks in advance for your help!

posts: 2389 Czech Republic

No, I mean you should find it using the search input on top right of the control admin panel...
Otherwise you should see it on tiki-admin.php?page=i18n&highlight=feature_best_language when you have "Multilingual" checkbox enabled.

posts: 31 France

OK, got it! I found the option, ticked it... and it works!

Thanks a lot for your help and have a great day!

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